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These are the memoirs of Ethel Dwyer nee Ramsdale, mother of our father Bill Dwyer. Ethel was born on 13 March 1895 in Kyneton, Victoria. She died on 26 September, 1974 at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown Sydney, aged 79.

Two versions of these memoirs were handwritten in exercise books and were found when she died. They have been combined into a single narrative so that there is a sequential flow. Where necessary I (Anthony Dwyer) have added clarifying remarks in italics. The memoirs appear to have been written specifically for the Aitken boys (i.e. the sons of Ethel's eldest daughter Margaret, who married Vic Aitken).

Throughout the memoirs are links to pages containing genealogical information and life stories from Ethel's and our ancestors. You can find these pages more easily by clicking on the Boyles, Ramsdales, McCraiths and Dwyers links on the left.

Some of this may be easier to follow if you also refer to the family tree (PDF - 127k), put together by the family genealogist Phillip Dwyer.


[Source Anonymous]
found amongst Ethel's belongings

God Grant that I may see the joke of things;
The little things that bother now and then.
God grant my sense of humour may be strong
To weep a bit - and yet to smile again.
And may there be a chuckle with each tear
To every grief God grant a funny half.
And when I'm to be judged, perhaps he'll say
"Are you the soul who always tried to laugh"?
And when I nod and answer, "yes, I am,
I tried to fight my troubles with a grin."
Perhaps he'll smile and say "that was a task"
"So, here is the gate of Heaven - enter in."

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