Letters - Introduction

The letters in this section were sent to Ethel Dwyer by Bill & Joan Dwyer when our family moved to the USA in 1966, where Bill had accepted a job with the United Nations in New York. More can be read about Ethel Dwyer (our grandmother on our father's side) in the section about her life.

The letters were transcribed by Phillip Dwyer from the originals found in Bill's possessions.

18 April 1966
San Francisco
[Postcard of Reef Towers Hotel, Waikiki]

Dear Mum & Vince,
Arrived San-Fran this afternoon. The trip so far has been wonderful. We took in Disneyland yesterday & you have to see it to believe it. We all love plane travel the food and service is great. The children are admired everywhere we go, people tell us they have such a cute Australian accent. We even had TV on the plane from Honolulu to Los Angeles & saw a full 1 1/2 hour movie. Also TV in the hotel rooms. Jenny seems to be thriving & enjoying all the travel. Will write from New York.
Love Joan & Bill

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