Thomas Ramsdale (c.1715-1745) and Alice (c.1715-1770)

Our great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents

Thomas Ramsdale and his wife Alice, whose surname is unknown, have been identified through the baptism record of their son, Thomas Ramsdale. No record of their birth, baptism or marriage has been located. A Thomas “Romsdell” of Bedford was, however, named as the father in these burial records: Ellen – buried 12 January 1741; Robert – buried 11 December 1745 (having been baptised on 9 July 1743); Thomas – buried 13 December 1745; William – buried 28 April 1746.

If the father named was our Thomas Ramsdale, the burial for Thomas in 1745 suggests some alternative possibilities:

  1. The Thomas buried in 1745 was in fact our Thomas Ramsdale, who was the father of Ellen, Robert and William, and whose father was also named Thomas. Another Thomas Ramsdale who died in 1777 was a different individual, possibly his grandson born in 1774, the son of Thomas Ramsdale and Mary Heyes.
  2. The Thomas buried in 1745 was the son of our Thomas. This would mean that the Thomas Ramsdale who died in 1814 (see below) would have to have been born after 1745, and not in 1741 as his burial record states.
  3. This family was not the family of Thomas and Alice Ramsdale, but if not.

Although any of the three alternatives could be correct, the first is considered to be the most likely based on location and fit with other known facts. Under this scenario, both Thomas and Alice were probably born around 1715, married around 1735 and had six children:

  1. James (1738-1814)
  2. John (1739-1811)
  3. Ellen (d.1741)
  4. Thomas (our ancestor - 1741-1814)
  5. Robert (1743-1745)
  6. William (d.1746)

Thomas Ramsdale died in December 1745 and was buried at St. Mary the Virgin Leigh on 13 December. His burial record notes his abode as Bedford.

Alice died in January 1770 and was buried at St. Mary the Virgin on 25 January. The burial record says that at the time of her death, Alice’s abode was Culcheth. She may have relocated there with her son Thomas and his wife a few years before her death.

See a map of the area in 1843


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