Hugh Rogers (c.1790-?) and Ann Breen (c.1790-?)

Our Great Great Great Great Grandparents

All that is known of Hugh Rogers and Ann Breen is based on immigration records of their four children. Unfortunately the individual immigration records are inconsistent in details about their parents. Their mother’s name is variously given as Ann Breen, Ann Breaden and Ann Birney, but I have arbitrarily chosen to use Breen.

Hugh Rogers and Ann Breen were both most likely born in or around Letterboy townland. Their years of birth are unknown, but with their eldest known son James having been born in 1813, it is likely that they were born between 1785 and 1795. Most likely they married around 1810-12. They are believed to have had four children, all of whom left Ireland together in 1840 for New South Wales:

Children of Hugh and Ann

The 1841 shipping arrival record for Hugh and Ann’s children indicates that the family was Roman Catholic, supporting the view that they were of native Irish or pre-Tudor settler stock, rather than of Ulster Plantation or earlier Cromwellian settler origins.

Unfortunately there is no Hugh Rogers of County Fermanagh recorded in the Tithe Applotment Books, although there are a number of that name in surrounding counties. Griffith’s Valuation was not completed in Fermanagh until 1864, probably after Hugh and Ann had died.

Hugh Rogers’ occupation was given as shoemaker in the immigration records of James, Hugh junior and Mary. In Alexander’s record his occupation is shown as farmer. Perhaps he was both.

It is unknown when Hugh Rogers and Ann Breen died, but they were both recorded as having been alive when their children left Ireland in 1840. As noted previously, their absence from Griffith’s Valuation suggests that they may have both been dead by 1864.

All of Hugh's and Ann's children emigrated to Australia on the "Glenswilly", arriving in Sydney on 11th March 1841. More info about that is on Hugh Jnr's page.


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