James Kerrison (1769-1819) and Mary Long (1769-1819)

Our Great Great Great Great Grandparents

James Kerrison was born in 1769 at Wymondham, the third child and son of John Kerrison and Sarah Childerhouse.

Mary Long was probably born in 1769, the daughter of William and Mary Long, who married in 1768. Mary was baptised at Hingham, about 10 kilometers from Wymondham, on 16 August 1769.

James and Mary married at Wymondham on 28 July 1795 and they had six children:

  1. Stephen (our ancestor - 1798-1881)
  2. James (1799-1800) – died in infancy.
  3. John (1799-1800) – died in infancy.
  4. James (b.1801) – may have married either Mary Abel in 1830 or Betsey Long in 1834. Alternatively he could have been the James Kerrison who died at Wymondham in 1819.
  5. Solomon (1802-1858) – married Sarah Peele in 1823 and they had three children: Hannah (b.1823), Peter (b.1826) and James (b.1834). Solomon died at Wymondham.
  6. Elizabeth (b.1803)
  7. Samuel (1807-1826) – did not marry and died aged 19 at Wymondham.

James died in June 1819 and was buried in Silfield, about 2.3 kilometers from Wymondham, on 21 June. Mary died a matter of weeks later in July 1819 and was buried at Silfield on 12 July. The closeness of the deaths initially suggests a contagious disease was the cause of death for both, but if so, none of their children seem to have contracted it, or perhaps they survived it.


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