John Kerrison (1736-1810) and Sarah Childerhouse (1736-1800)

Our Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

No definitive birth record has been located for John Kerrison, but other researchers believe that he was born in Norfolk in 1736, the son of John Kerrison and Mary Bardswell. This is given credence by the fact that the names John and Mary were used by John Kerrison and Sarah Childerhouse for their first-born son and daughter.

No birth or baptism record has been located for Sarah Childerhouse. Other researchers have concluded that she was born in 1736, the daughter of Stephen Childerhouse and Sarah Jackson, but primary evidence for this conclusion has not been cited or independently located.

John Kerrison married Sarah Childerhouse on 8 October 1758 at Wymondham. Their known children were:

  1. Stephen (b.1764)
  2. John (1766-1769) – died at Wymondham aged 3 years.
  3. James (1769-1819)
  4. Mary (b.1771)
  5. Sarah (b.1777)

There is no record of the occupation of John Kerrison, but he was probably a farmer.

I have found no records for the deaths of John Kerrison and Sarah Childerhouse. Other researchers believe that Sarah died in March 1800, and John in September 1810, both at Wymondham, but again these dates are unsupported by cited evidence.


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