John Kerrison (c.1669-?) and Mary Stanton (c.1670-?)

Our Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Other researchers have also identified John Kerrison, the son of John Kerrison and Elizabeth Machin, and Mary Stanton in the family line, but I have not found any independent evidence of this either. In any case, the other researchers say that John and Mary were married at Wymondham on 2 July 1694, and that Mary was a widow at the time of marriage, having previously married an Edwin Storey in 1689. They say that they had eight children:

  1. Frances (d.1697)
  2. John (1695-1695)
  3. Elizabeth (1696-1697)
  4. Elizabeth (1698-1766)
  5. Jacob (b.1699)
  6. Frances (b.1705)
  7. John (our ancestor - c.1710-1769)
  8. David (b.1714)

None of these apart from John have been verified by my researches.

It is not known when or where John and Mary died.

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