John Kerrison (c.1710-1769) and Mary Bardswell (c.1710-?)

Our Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

No birth or baptism records can be found for John Kerrison and Mary Bardswell, so their year and place of birth and their parents’ names have not been identified. Other researchers have concluded that John was the son of John Kerrison and Mary Stanton, but do not agree on a year of birth; the years given ranging from 1702 to 1715.

John and Mary married at Wymondham on 11 November 1730,1 at which time they were both recorded as being single. This would indicate, assuming that they married in their late teens or early twenties, that they were both born around 1710.

Only one child of the marriage, a son John Kerrison, is definitely known, but there were probably other children. Other researchers have identified their children as:

  1. Susan (b.1731)
  2. Thomas (b.1735)
  3. John (our ancestor - 1736-1810)

No records of birth, marriage or death have been found for Susan and Thomas. An Elizabeth Kerrison died at Wymondham in 1766, an Edward Kerrison (whose father was John) died at Wymondham in 1775 and a Henry Kerrison died there in 1781. While these individuals may have been related to John and Mary, there is no proof that they were their children.

John died in Wymondham and was buried there on 16 February 1769. Mary also presumably died at Wymondham, but it is not known when.


1 Shown in the register transcription as John “Carlson”, probably a transcription error, and Mary Bardswell.

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