Harriet Kerrison and Charles Edmund Phillips

Our Great Grandparents

Harriett was born on September 29, 1867 at Bombala, daughter of Stephen J Kerrison and Elizabeth J Godfrey. She married Charles Edmund Phillips at Bombala NSW on May 3, 1893.

Harriet and Cheeky, Bombala
The photo above is marked "Harriet Ann Phillips (nee Kerrison) and Cheeky, Bombala". We assume the dog's name was Cheeky. This is backed up by a photo of her son Arthur with a similar looking dog, which also has the name "Cheeky" on the back.

See caption
Harriet with son George. Date unknown, probably early 1920s.


There is more information at Charles' page, including info about their children and their lives in Sydney. There are several photos of Harriet and her children in Bernice Phillips' photo album.

The information on this page was provided by Phillip Dwyer from his own research, and from 'Kerrisons in Tasmania 1835-1985' by Mandi Ann Haynes, written in 1985. Old photos and additional information came from Edward Kerrison (Kerry) Rogers.

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