Thelma Mary Phillips

Our Maternal Grandmother

Thelma was born on February 6, 1906 at Bombala.

After the Phillips family moved to Sydney in late 1920 Thelma went to the school at Domremy Convent in Five Dock. She was forced to leave school to tend to her mother Harriet when she became grievously ill, until Harriet died on 2 May 1928.

Thelma married Edward James Rogers on October 22, 1932. Edward was born on September 30, 1908 at Fremantle WA.

Thelma never worked for a wage, but spent her life in "domestic duties" looking after her father Charles, and her own husband and children.

Her brother Joe, his wife Sybil and children Helen and Greg lived straight across the road in Garfield Street Five Dock.

Thelma was called "Coop" by her immediate family - most of them had pet names for each other - John Phillips (son of Thelma's brother George) recalls "...I only called her Aunty Coop until I was well into my teens".

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Thelma aged about 10 (c.1916), and about 18 (c.1924).

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L-R: Muriel Beileiter, Tommy, Thelma cross dressing, 16 January 1929. "Coop" (Thelma) at the beach, date unknown. (These 2 photos provided by Alan Beileiter).

Bern and Thelma in Bombala for the Turnbull reunion, 1979.


Anecdotal information on this page provided by Kerry Rogers.

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